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Top Reasons Small Business Require Working Capital

February 10, 2017

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How a Caveat Loan can Help your Business Succeed

April 12, 2016

A caveat loan is a short-term loan to help you get through a financial crunch. It allows you to purchase an asset when you want without waiting for approval from the bank. Basically, a caveat loan is money when you need it, fast!

At Directline Finance we provide short-term caveat loans that are secured against Australian Real Estate. These loans provide you with the funds you need up front, so you have the money you need, within 72 hours.


In business you need to act fast and waiting for the bank to approve a loan can mean missing out on a golden opportunity. With a caveat loan you can purchase what you need when you need it, with an option to pay the loan back within three to six months, or contact your bank for a long-term loan to cover the caveat.


Here’s an example of how a caveat loan could help your business:


Company A has the opportunity to purchase a factory at a reduced rate, however they have to act fast before another company purchases it from underneath them.


Company B has the same opportunity to purchase the factory; they go to their bank for approval on a loan.


Company A contacts Directline Finance regarding a short-term caveat loan. The loan is approved and money in the bank within 72 hours, allowing them to purchase the factory.


Meanwhile Company B is still waiting for their loan to be approved and misses a fantastic opportunity.


Once Company A has purchased the factory they head to their bank and seek long-term finance to pay out the caveat loan.


It’s easy to see from this example what is the best financial decision for the business, and how opportunities can slip by if you are not financially savvy.


For more information or to apply for caveat loans contact our office today on 1300 851 816 or visit



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