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Caveat loan
Caveat loan


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I warrant that all the facts and information provided to Directline Finance Pty Ltd in this application are true and correct and I hereby acknowledge that Directline Finance Pty Ltd in accepting the application has relied upon the truth and correctness of such facts.

I authorise Directline Finance Pty Ltd to make any enquiries necessary in order for Directline Finance Pty Ltd to confirm the accuracy of information provided by me in this application.


I acknowledge that the application fee, valuation fee, search fee and legal fees applicable to this application for finance are payable by me to Directline Finance Pty Ltd.  I acknowledge that Directline Finance Pty Ltd will determine the rate of interest and security applicable to this loan application.

I am not a bankrupt/undischarged bankrupt and have not assigned my assets for the benefit of creditors.

I remain liable, regardless of any lenders mortgage insurance, for any shortfall if any secured property is sold and the proceeds do not cover what is owed to Directline Finance Pty Ltd.

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